Toolkits and factsheets

This section contains toolkits and factsheets on evaluation, commissioning, social prescribing, and guides to developing arts and culture projects.

Arts for health and wellbeing: an evaluation framework

A document by Public Health England that provides effective ways to document and evaluate arts projects and programmes that seek to improve health and wellbeing.

Creative & Credible

A guide into evaluating arts & health projects.

UCL Museum Wellbeing Measures toolkit

Developed and validated with 20 museums and galleries across the UK and 250 participants.

Inspiring Learning

A self-help improvement framework for museums, libraries and archives by MLA that supports organisations

Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS)

Widely used tool for the evaluation of interventions designed to improve mental wellbeing.

Arts and Cultural Commissioning toolkit

Practical advice and learning from people and organisations in Kent who piloted commissioning for wellbeing in 2014.

NHS Commissioning guide

A quick, visual NHS commissioning guide.

Practical guide to engaging with clinical commissioning groups

A useful guide for those who wish to seek support from their local NHS trusts. Written by Compact Voice

Practical guide to engaging with health and wellbeing boards

A useful guide for those who wish to seek support from their local councils. Written by Compact Voice.